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L. Friedel

04.02.2019, 16:00 c.t. TU Berlin, EN building, seminar room EN 719 (7th floor), Einsteinufer 17, 10587 Berlin: "Serialisable Snapshot Isolation on Multicore Servers" (Prof. Uwe Röhm, University of Sydney)

Database systems need to provide efficient read/write access to large, shared data sets. Modern database workloads often contain analytical queries, which makes snapshot databases based on a multi-version storage layer an attractive system design. It is well known that snapshot-based algorithms scale better for read-only transactions than locking-based systems. However, a major pitfall is that the standard snapshot isolation (SI) algorithm allows non-serialisable executions...

This talk revisits the development of snapshot based concurrency control algorithms and discusses an efficient approach to provide serialisable snapshot isolation inside a database system - with almost the same performance than standard SI. We further take a look at scalability of SI-based database engines on multicore servers. Our work shows that many implementations of SI do not scale well as number of CPU cores increases, and the talk discusses approaches to avoid this scalability bottleneck with database systems on modern multicore servers.