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L. Friedel

The Paper "Resense: Transparent Record and Replay of Sensor Data in the Internet of Things" was Accepted for Publication at Demo Track of EDBT 2019

Resense: Transparent Record and Replay of Sensor Data in the Internet of Things, Dimitrios Giouroukis, Julius H├╝lsmann, Janis von Bleichert, Morgan Geldenhuys, Tim Stullich, Felipe Gutierrez, Jonas Traub, Kaustubh Beedkar and Volker Markl , to be published in the proceedings of the EDBT 2019.

As the scientific interest in the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow, emulating IoT infrastructure involving a large number of heterogeneous sensors plays a crucial role. Existing research on emulating sensors is often tailored to specific hardware and/or software, which makes it difficult to reproduce and extend. In this paper we show how to emulate different kinds of sensors in a unified way that makes the downstream application agnostic as to whether the sensor data is acquired from real sensors or is read from memory using emulated sensors. We propose the Resense framework that allows for replaying sensor data using emulated sensors and provides an easy-to-use software for setting up and executing IoT experiments involving a large number of heterogeneous sensors. We demonstrate various aspects of Resense in the context of a sports analytics application using real-world sensor data and a set of Raspberry Pis.

The paper is available here

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