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A. Borusan

23.04.2012, 14 Uhr c.t. TU Berlin, EN building, seminar room EN 719 (7th floor), Einsteinufer 17, 10587 Berlin: "Efficient and Programmable Behavioral Simulations through Database Techniques" (Marcos Vaz Salles, University of Copenhagen)

In many scientific domains, researchers are turning to large-scale behavioral simulations to better understand important real-world phenomena. These phenomena emerge as the result of a myriad interactions among large numbers of interdependent agents in a complex system, such as a transportation network or an ecological system. While there has been a great deal of work on simulation tools from the high-performance computing community, behavioral simulations remain challenging to program and automatically scale in parallel environments. In this talk, I will show how database techniques can solve this dilemma, by offering simulation developers a programmable environment that automatically provides for scalability. I will present the design of BRACE, the Big Red Agent-based Computation Engine. BRACE at the same time offers a high-level scripting language for simulation developers and scales scripts written in this language by modeling them as iterated spatial joins. I will discuss recent and ongoing work on techniques to execute these iterated joins efficiently in the cloud, with the goal of turning BRACE into an important platform for new mid-range scientific computing workloads.