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K. Forster

The Paper "A Comparison of Distributed Stream Processing Systems for Time Series Analysis,” by DIMA Bachelor Student Melissa Gehring and her Mentor was Accepted for Publication at BTW 2019.

Every two years, the Database Systems for Business, Technology, and Web (or simply BTW, in German) Symposium offers students the opportunity to present their thesis results to professionals in the field of database and information systems.
We are happy to announce that DIMA Bachelor’s student Melissa Gehring’s thesis results were accepted for publication at BTW 2019. We congratulate both Melissa and her supervisor, Dr. Marcela Charfuelan for their success.
This year the event will be held at the University of Rostock. For more information about the symposium visit: BTW 2019

A Comparison of Distributed Stream Processing Systems for Time Series Analysis, Melissa Gehring . 2018. To be published in LNI-Band: BTW 2019.

The paper is available here.

Abstract :
Given the vast number of data processing systems available today, in this paper, we aim to identify, select, and evaluate systems to determine the one that is better suited to use in conducting timeseries analysis. Published studies of performance are used to compare several open-source systems, and two systems are further selected for qualitative comparison and evaluation regarding the development of a time series analytics task. The main interest of this work lies in the investigation of the ease of development. As a test scenario, a discrete Kalman filter is implemented to predict the closing price of stockmarket data in real-time. Basic functionality coverage is considered, and advanced functionality is evaluated using several qualitative comparison criteria.