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Research Talk: Can new online publishing systems have a positive impact on our publication culture?

Its our pleasure to announce a research talk for coming Wednesday,
Sept 05, 2018, at 10:15
in DIMA room EN-719
Dr. Gerald Weber, Univ. of Auckland /NZ (

More and more teams create jointly authored works with the help of online editing tools. In Computer Science, online platforms for LaTeX editing are gaining popularity.
We have developed the first online editor for LaTeX that allows authors to edit directly on the compiled PDF version, yielding a true WYSIWG editor.
The prospect of having publications in a central place and with a better-understood print format offers new challenges as well as chances for archiving, indexing, full-text search, structured search and collaboration.

Gerald Weber joined the University of Auckland in 2003. He is currently Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science.
Gerald has an interest in persistent information and the way humans interact with systems to create and manage persistent information. His work has been published in the fields of Information Systems as well as Human-Computer Interaction, where he has been chairing a number of leading symposia. Gerald's work has been included into open-source systems such as the operating system Haiku and featured in science programmes such as BBC Click.