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K. Forster

Software Campus Grant for two PHD students in TUB, DIMA group

We are pleased to announce that Alexander Renz-Wieland and Bonaventura Del Monte, two PhD students in the Technische Universität Berlin , Database Systems & Information Management (DIMA) Group have each been awarded a 2018 Software Campus grant. Their scientific supervisor is Prof. Dr. Volker Markl, Chair of the DIMA Group, Director of the Intelligent Analytics for Massive Data Group at DFKI , the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, and Director of the Berlin Big Data Center .

Sponsored by BMBF , the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Software Campus (SWC) is an executive development program aimed at developing tomorrow’s senior IT executives. The SWC program combines scientific leading-edge research with hands-on management practice in an entirely new and innovative concept. It is directed at outstanding computer science doctoral students who are interested in taking over executive management functions in industry. Awardees lead their own research projects in cooperation with industry partners over a one to two year period.

Alexander’s project, Structure-Aware Parallel Machine Learning aims to enable efficient parallel training of machine learning models by exploiting sparsity among data, models, and parameter updates. In existing systems, extensive communication cost inhibits scalable training for many tasks. In the project, he will collaborate with TRUMPF , one of the world’s largest providers of machine tools.

The goal of Bonaventura’s project, Efficiently Managing Large Distributed State for Scalable Stream Processing is to enable efficient execution of stateful streaming pipelines for complex data analytics when the execution engine handles very large state. To this end, the focus will be to investigate state management techniques that enable fine-grained fault-tolerance, on-demand resource scaling, and load balancing in the presence of very large operator state. His industrial partner is Huawei , one of the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturers in the world.

For more information about these projects contact: or via email or visit their websites (1) or (2), respectively.


(1) Alexander Renz-Wieland
(2) Bonaventura Del Monte