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K. Forster

Industry Talk Today, 6th of June at 18.15 in MA-043 on "Industry 4.0 - Opportunities, Challenges and Applications at BASF"

An industry oriented presentation entitled: "Industry 4.0 - Opportunities, Challenges and Applications at BASF," will be offered today, June 6th at 18.15 by Dr. Alexander Badinski, Project Lead for Digital Transformation at BASF Schwarzheide. The talk will cover the following:

- Overview of the Digital Transformation BASF Schwarzheide
- Outline of the broad spectrum of technologies for the digital Transformation
- Introduction into Greybox Modeling as one core technology
- Example 1: Enzyme kinetics as basis for process optimization
- Example 2: Predictive Maintenance
- Example 3: Multi-echelon optimization of supply chain networks
- Additional examples on request and interest

You are welcome to come join us!