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K. Forster

06.02.2018, 17 Uhr s.t. Smart Data Forum (Salzufer 6, Eingang Otto-Dibelius-Strasse, 10587 Berlin): "C-chain: the simple, scalable, transparent blockchain" (Prof. Rudolf Bayer, Ph.D., TU M√ľnchen)

The talk questions some of the fundamental design decisions of blockchain, namely:

1. Proof of work
2. blockchain datastructure
3. miner
4. consensus
and argues, that they must be replaced by other desing decisions resulting in the C-chain method, which avoids all disadvantages of blockchain, in particular:

1. C-chain is easy to understand and to use
2. C-chain scales perfectly
3. guarantees immediate final settlement
4. has very low transaction costs

At the end of the talk there will be a handson experiment of the C-chain demonstrator, bring an Android device.