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Martin Pagel

Mo. 14.12.2020 16:00 - 16:45 Uhr, Online: "Extracting Hidden SQL Queries" (Jayant Haritsa, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore)

In this talk, we introduce a new query reverse-engineering problem of unmasking SQL queries hidden within database applications, which has use-cases ranging from resurrecting legacy code to query rewriting. As a first step in addressing this challenge, we present Unmasque, an extraction algorithm that is capable of precisely identifying a substantive class of such hidden queries. A hallmark of its design is that the extraction is completely non-invasive to the application, examining only the results obtained from repeated executions on databases derived with a combination of data mutation and data generation techniques. Further, potent optimizations, such as database size reduction to a few rows, are incorporated to minimize the extraction overheads. A detailed evaluation over applications with hidden SQL queries, or their imperative versions, demonstrates that Unmasque correctly and efficiently extracts these queries.

Short bio:
Jayant Haritsa is on the computer science faculty at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. He received his undergraduate degree from IIT Madras, and the PhD degree from UW Madison. He is a Fellow of ACM and IEEE for contributions to the design and implementation of database engines. He was the Program Co-Chair for VLDB 2016 and ICDE 2010, and a recent Trustee of the VLDB Endowment.

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