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Martin Pagel

Mo 18.01.2021 16:00 - 16:45 Uhr, Virtual Event: "Language Abstractions for Interactive Applications in Unreliable Networks" (Ragnar Mogk, TU Darmstadt)

DBMS research colloquium: "Language Abstractions for Interactive Applications in Unreliable Networks" by Ragnar Mogk, TU Darmstadt

Programming languages were conceived to make it easier for humans to provide instructions to the machines. In the early days, computers essentially executed a sequence of instructions changing some internal state to compute an output. Machines were big and slow, and many of us shared a single machine. Languages were designed to take advantage of those machines. However, the machines have changed. They are small and fast, and each of us has many machines, they outnumber us by a quickly increasing amount. Programming languages for distributed interactive applications have not changed. We still talk to machines as if they were big and slow, this makes it hard for the machines to execute programs efficiently, and makes it hard for us to express what we want.
The world has changed. Applications must – above all else – become reliable.

In this talk, we are going to explore a programming paradigm that positions itself with an outlook towards that future. We combine functional reactive programming with eventual consistency based on conflict-free replicated data and package that in a single declarative programming paradigm.

Ragnar Mogk started studying computer science in Darmstadt in 2009. His interests were in formal methods, networking, and programming languages. Given the opportunity to be paid to work on a combination all three of those he first became a student assistant for Joscha Drechsler – a PhD student working on distributed reactive programming – and in 2015 Ragnar began his own PhD under the supervision of Mira Mezini. The results of that journey are summarized in the talk.

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