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Martin Pagel

Di 19.01.2021 09:30 - 10:30 Uhr, Virtual Event: "Joint compressed sensing and network coding for wireless communications" (Maroua Taghouti)

Presentation: "Joint compressed sensing and network coding for wireless communications" by Maroua Taghouti

The continuum of data deluge is massively impacted by sensory data generated from IoT devices and requires disruptive innovation techniques, such as network coding and compressed sensing, to curb this issue from the very creation of the data, way before reaching the storage systems. One of the solutions relies on extensively exploiting the data correlations to reduce their size thanks to compressed sensing and the unique features of network coding in increasing the throughput and reliability for multi-path networks. This talk highlights the impact of 5G communications systems on Big Data, presents a general overview on the aforementioned innovation techniques, as well as a potent joint approach that efficiently reduces the overall sensory data disseminated in a cluster-based WSN.

Short Bio:
Maroua Taghouti received her Engineering degree in Telecommunications in 2012 from the National Engineering School of Tunis, followed by a master of research in Communications Systems. Before that she studied Mathematics and Physics for two year in the Institute of Preparatory Studies for Engineering of Tunis. Currently she is a PhD candidate at the Deutsche Telekom Chair of Communications Networks at the Technical University of Dresden. Her research interests focus on coding theory, mainly Network Coding, and Compressed Sensing for communications and networking. She served as a reviewer for different conferences and journals including IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials.

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