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K. Forster

Pricing Approaches for Data Markets - accepted for presentation at the BIRTE 2012 workshop

Alexander Muschalle, Florian Stahl, Alexander Löser, and Gottfried Vossen
TU Berlin, FG DIMA, Einsteinufer 17, 10587 Berlin, Germany and University of Münster, ERCIS, Leonardo-Campus 3,48149 Münster, Germany

Recently multiple data vendors have started to utilize the paradigm of cloud-computing for trading raw data, associated analytical services, and analytic results as commodity goods. These vendors often move the functionality of a data warehouse to a cloud-based platform, where they provide services for integrating and analyzing data from public and commercial data sources. This paper reports on a study conducted among established data vendors regarding their key challenges when deciding pricing strategies in different market situations; it then discusses resulting research questions for the business intelligence community.
VLDB 2012 Workshop : BIRTE