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F. H√ľske

Big Data Analytics System Stratosphere V0.2 Released

We are happy to announce that version 0.2 of the Stratosphere System has been released. The Stratosphere System is an open-source cluster/cloud computing framework for Big Data analytics. It comprises a rich stack of components with different programming abstractions for complex analytical tasks:

- A declarative query processing language (Meteor) based on an algebraic foundation (SOPREMO)
- A second-order functional data programming model (PACT, an extension of MapReduce)
- A massively parallel engine for arbitrary acyclic data flows (Nephele)

Stratosphere features both flexible and powerful programming abstractions, as well as a fast execution engine that efficiently supports brief low latency jobs and large scale long running jobs. The current version has many new features and enhancements for usability, robustness, and performance.

For a complete list, check the project website:

Among the new features are:
- The new Sopremo Algebra Layer and the Meteor Scripting Language
- The new tuple data model for the PACT, which simplifies many programs
- Fault tolerant execution through local checkpoints
- A ton of performance improvements on all layers