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M. Jesionowski

Paper "Tractor Pulling on Data Warehouses" accepted at ACM DBTEST 2011

A Dagstuhl workshop on robust query processing co-organized by Volker Markl has inspired a team of researchers
from academia and industry to look at stress testing databases using the analogy of tractor pulling. The paper resulting from these
considerations, including benchmark results on various database systems, has now been accepted for publication at ACM DBTEST 2011,
co-located with SIGMOD 2011 in Athens

Tractor Pulling on Data Warehouses
by Martin L. Kersten (CWI Amsterdam), Alfons Kemper (TU M√ľnchen),
Volker Markl (TU Berlin), Anisoara Nica (Sybase, An SAP Company),
Meikel Poess (Oracle Corporation), Kai-Uwe Sattler (TU Ilmenau)

Robustness of database systems under stress is hard to
quantify, because there are many factors involved, most notably
the user expectation to perform a job within certain
bounds of the user requirements. Nevertheless, robustness of
database system is very important to end users. In this paper
we develop a database benchmark suite, inspired by tractor
pulling, where robustness is measured as a system's ability
to process data despite a continuous increase in system load,
as de_ned in terms of data volume, query volume and complexity.
A functional evaluation is performed against several
systems to highlight the benchmark capabilities.