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K. Dießel

MBSDI 2011 workshop accepted at ECMFA 2011 in Birmingham

Call for papers and more information:
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Important Dates
Submission Deadline: April 14, 2011
Notification: May 5, 2011
Final Version: May 19, 2011

The "3rd International Workshop on Model-Based Software and Data Integration MBSDI 2011", short: MBSDI 2011 @ ECMFA, follows the goal to continuously develop the community of model-based software and data integration researchers & software professionals.

Many challenges, experiences and results appear in the MBSDI organizers’ project collaborations with several SMEs working in the area of software & information integration. In the previous years, it could be demonstrated that model-based software engineering (MBSWE) offers not only the methodology but also standardized (meta) tools and platforms for enterprise-wide and cross-enterprise integration of software solutions with the ultimate goal of (semi) automatic generation of added-value such as business intelligence components and others.

Our workshop, after the success of MBSDI 2008 (Berlin) and 2009 (Sydney), will be the third of its kind, directly addressing collaborative development of methodologies and tools for Model-Based Software and Data Integration (MBSDI).

An additional focus in the 2011 issue of MBSDI will be the emerging field of domain modeling and domain ontologies, as an important aid in (semi-) automated understanding software and data components and their potentials for integration. DSLs and, particularly, Domain Specific Modeling Languages (DSMLs) will be a special focus area in MBSDI 2011.