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A. Borusan

30.05.2011, 3:00 PM Humboldt-Kabinett im Institut fĂĽr Informatik, Rudower Chaussee 25, 12489 Berlin: "HyPer-sonic Combined Transaction AND Query Processing" (Prof. Alfons Kemper (TUM))

The HyPer prototype demonstrates that it is indeed possible to build a
main-memory database system that achieves world-record transaction
processing throughput and best-of-breed OLAP
query response times in one system in parallel on the same database state. The
two workloads of online transaction processing (OLTP) and online analytical
processing (OLAP) present different challenges for database architectures.
Currently, users with high rates of mission-critical transactions have split
their data into two separate systems, one database for OLTP and one so-called
data warehouse for OLAP. While allowing for decent transaction rates, this
separation has many disadvantages including data freshness issues due to the
delay caused by only periodically initiating the Extract Transform Load-data
staging and excessive resource consumption due to maintaining two separate
information systems. We present an efficient hybrid system, called HyPer, that
can handle both OLTP and OLAP simultaneously by using hardware-assisted
replication mechanisms to maintain consistent snapshots of the transactional
data. HyPer is a main-memory database system that guarantees the full ACID
properties for OLTP transactions and executes OLAP query sessions (multiple
queries) on arbitrarily current and consistent snapshots. The utilization of
the processor-inherent support for virtual memory management (address
translation, caching, copy-on-write) yields both at the same time:
unprecedentedly high transaction rates as high as 100000 per second and very
fast OLAP query response times on a single system executing both workloads in
parallel. The performance analysis is based on a combined TPC-C and TPC-H

This is joint work with Thomas Neumann, Florian Funke and Henrik Muehe