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Juan Soto

21.12.2014: "Demonstrating Transfer-Efficient Sample Maintenance on Graphics Cards" Demo Paper Accepted @ EDBT 2015

Our demonstration paper Demonstrating Transfer-Efficient Sample Maintenance on Graphics Cards , authored by Martin Kiefer, Max Heimel, and Volker Markl has been accepted at the 2015 EDBT Conference in Brussels, Belgium.

Maintaining random data samples under database updates is a fundamental operation in modern database engines. While multiple algorithms exist for this problem, none is tailored to the special case of maintaining data samples on graphics cards. Due to the limited interconnect bandwidth to main memory, any GPU-resident algorithm must try to avoid data transfers across the PCI Express bus where possible – a property that we call transfer-efficient. In this demonstration, we present an approximate, transfer-efficient sample maintenance algorithm that piggybacks on a GPU-accelerated selectivity estimator and utilizes query feedback to selectively identify and replace outdated points. We provide an implementation of the algorithm and interactively demonstrate its quality and its transfer performance in comparison to traditional maintenance algorithms.