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Juan Soto

02.09.2014: Best Paper Award at VLDB 2014 PhD Workshop

Marcus Leich, research associate at DIMA, has won the best paper award for his paper / PhD proposal

“Runtime Analysis of Distributed Data Processing Programs”
Marcus Leich
supervised by Prof. Volker Markl, Technische Universität Berlin

Debugging massively parallel data analysis programs is currently a diffcult process. Traditional debug cycles involve manual code instrumentations, re-execution and analysis of the resulting data. This is expensive in terms of development time, execution time, amount of data produced, and cognitive overhead. This work proposes a course of research that is meant to alleviate this situation by automating the code instrumentation and by lowering the re-execution time of instrumented code. By using these techniques, we hope to achieve a higher efficiency compared to manual debugging approaches.

Volker Markl, Head of DIMA, colleague and Uwe Jugel (SAP) at VLDB 2014

Uwe Jugel (SAP) and Marcus Leich (DIMA), VLDB 2014