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Juan Soto

07.07.2014: Paper "Extracting a Repository of Events and Event References from News Clusters" accepted at Information Discovery workshop at COLING 2014

The paper is authored by Silvia Julinda, Christoph Boden and Alan Akbik


In this paper, we prose to build a repository of events and event references from clusters of news articles. We present an automated approach that is based on the hypothesis that if two sentences are a found in the same cluster of news articles and b contain temporal expressions that reference the same point in time, they are likely to refer to the same event.

This allows us to group similar sentences together and apply open-domain Information Extraction (OpenIE) methods to extract lists of textual references for each detected event. We outline our proposed approach and present a preliminary evaluation in which we extract events and references from 20 clusters of online news.

Our experiments indicate that for the largest part our hypothesis holds true, pointing to a strong potential for applying our approach to building an event repository. We illustrate cases in which our hypothesis fails and discuss ways for addressing sources or errors.