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Juan Soto

04.06.2014: Demo-Paper "Faster Visual Analytics through Pixel-Perfect Aggregation" accepted at VLDB 2014 Conference in Hangzhou, China.

The demo-paper is authored by Uwe Jugel, Zbigniew Jerzak, Gregeor Hackenbroich (SAP AG) and Volker Markl (TU Berlin).

State of the art visual data analysis tools ignore bandwidthlimitations. They fetch millions of records of high-volume time series data from an underlying RDBMS to eventually draw only a few thousand pixels on the screen.
In this work, we demonstrate a pixel-aware big data visualization system { based on SAP umira { that dynamically adapts the number of data points transmitted and thus the data rate, while preserving pixel-perfect visualizations. We show how to carefully select the data points to fetch for each pixel of a visualization, using a visualization-driven data aggregation that models the visualization process. De ning all required data reduction operators at the query level, our system trades o a few milliseconds of query execution time for dozens of seconds of data transfer time. The results are signi cantly reduced response times and a near real-time visualization of millions of data points.
Using our enhanced, pixel-aware Lumira, the audience will be able to enjoy the speed and ease of big data visualizations and learn about the scienti c background of our system through an interactive evaluation component, allowing the visitor to measure, visualize, and compare competing visualization-related data reduction techniques.