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Juan Soto

04.06.2014: Stratosphere Release, version 0.5

We are happy to announce a new major Stratosphere release, version
0.5. This release adds many new features and improves the
interoperability, stability, and performance of the system.

The major theme of the release is the completely new Java API that
makes it easy to write powerful distributed programs. This programming
model significantly eases the development of Stratosphere programs,
supports flexible use of regular Java classes as data types, and adds
many new built-in operators to simplify the writing of powerful
programs. The result are programs that need less code, are more
readable, interoperate better with existing code, and execute faster.

See here a complete list of new features.

In total, 26 people have contributed to Stratosphere since the last
release. Thank you for making this project possible!

The Stratosphere project has been accepted to the Apache Incubator and
will continue its work under the umbrella of the Apache Software