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Juan Soto

13.02.2014: Demo-Paper "Demonstrating Efficient Query Processing in Heterogeneous Environments" accepted at SIGMOD 2014

Our demonstration paper "Demonstrating Efficient Query Processing in Heterogeneous Environments , authored by Tomas Karnagel, Max Heimel, Matthias Hille, Mario Ludwig, Dirk Habich, Wolfgang Lehner, and Volker Markl has been accepted at the 2014 Sigmod Conference in Snow Bird, Utah (USA).

This work was created in collaboration with the group of Prof. Lehner from Dresden.

The increasing heterogeneity in hardware systems gives developers many opportunities to add more functionality and
computational power to the system. As a consequence, modern database systems will need to be able to adapt to a wide variety of heterogeneous architectures.
While porting single operators to accelerator architectures is well-understood, a more generic approach is needed for the whole database system. In prior work, we presented a generic hardware-oblivious database system, where the operators can be executed on the main processor as well as on a large number of accelerator architectures. However, to achieve fully heterogeneous query processing, placement decisions are needed for the database operators. We enhance the presented system with heterogeneity-aware operator placement (HOP) to take a major step towards designing a database system that can e ciently exploit highly heterogeneous hardware environments. In this demonstration, we are focusing on the placement-integration aspect as well as presenting the resulting database system.