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Juan Soto

11.11.2013: "A not-at-all-random Walk Through the Digital Preservation Landscape" (Martin Klein, Los Alamos National Laboratory) at 16:00 in Room EN-719, TU Berlin

The dynamic of the Web archiving landscape is driven by a variety of factors. As recent developments at the WebCite service show, financial resources seem just as important as a sustainable business model. Also, ever changing preservation requirements for, for example, governmental websites can dictate the selection of preservation approaches and the implementation of archiving software and tools.
In this talk I will discuss several Web archiving solutions implemented by the Research Library of the Los Alamos National Laboratory. This overview includes Memento, a framework that adds the time dimension to the HTTP protocol, the introduction of Memento for Chrome, a newly developed client implementation, and SiteStory, a transactional archiving solution. I will motivate these different approaches to help understand their main fields of application and give a brief demonstration of their powers that enable time travel for the Web.