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Juan Soto

31.05.2015: The DanaC Workshop on Data analytics at sCale was held today in Melbourne, Australia, in conjunction with ACM SIGMOD 2015

DanaC: Workshop on Data analytics at sCale

This year, DanaC will be held in conjunction with SIGMOD/PODS 2015 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

DanaC 2015 Programme Overview

The workshop will take place on Sunday 31st May, and will feature:

1. An industrial keynote by Carlo Curino (Microsoft) titled "BigData: running punctually at data-center scale and beyond"
2. An academic keynote by Chris Re (Stanford University) titled "DeepDive and it's applications in science and the fight against human trafficking!"
3. Four research paper presentations
4. Two invited presentations of scalable machine learning systems, namely SystemML, and Apache SINGA

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