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H. Agt

Paper "Modeling and Analyzing Non-functional Properties to Support Software Integration" accepted at the CMM Workshop @ CAiSE 2011

The paper "Modeling and Analyzing Non-functional Properties to Support Software Integration" by Henning Agt (TU Berlin), Gregor Bauhoff (Model Labs), Ralf-D. Kutsche (TU Berlin), Nikola Milanovic (Model Labs) has been accepted at the International Workshop on Conceptualization of Modelling Methods (CMM) held in conjunction with 23rd International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering (CAiSE 2011), London, 20-24 June 2011

Software integration is one of the major needs as well as cost driving factors in the software industry today. Still, very few established methodologies exist, especially those addressing integration with respect to non-functional properties. Industry studies show that disregarded and hidden non-functional incompatibilities between systems and their interfaces are the constant source of errors and costly workarounds. We introduce a model-based process that allows dynamic definition of non-functional properties in the context of software integration, present a NFP taxonomy, and propose a method for formal analysis of interface incompatibilities with respect to these properties.

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