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H. Agt

Two BIZWARE Papers Accepted at MODELS 2011 Conference

Two papers of the BIZWARE team have been accepted at the doctoral symposium of this year's
ACM/IEEE 14th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems (MODELS)
in Wellington, New Zealand.

Supporting Software Language Engineering by Automated Domain Knowledge Acquisition (Henning Agt, TU Berlin)

Abstract: In model-driven engineering, domain-specific languages (DSLs) play an
important role in providing well-defined environments for modeling different
aspects of a system. Detailed knowledge of the application domain as well as
expertise in language engineering is required to create new languages. This
research work proposes automated knowledge acquisition to support language
engineers in early language development phases. We describe an iterative
approach in which DSL development benefits from formalized knowledge sources
and information extraction from text supporting domain analysis and metamodel
construction. We show how the acquired knowledge is used to guide language
engineers and how knowledge acquisition is adapted according to modeling

Towards Quality Assurance of DSL Engineering Processes (Timo Wegeler, Fraunhofer FIRST)

Abstract: In order to achieve a higher quality of software, parts of a software
product are generated using models and domain specific languages. Their instances
are now widely considered first-class artifacts in a software development process.
While tools for the creation of domain specific languages are maturing, in practice
it is hard to determine whether the language being engineered is fulfilling the
demands of a domain expert and a software developer at the same time. As there
are no DSL quality standards established as of now, in this work a method is
proposed to assure the quality of DSL engineering processes.