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H. Agt

Paper "Guidance for Domain Specific Modeling in Small and Medium Enterprises" accepted at the 11th DSM Workshop @ SPLASH/OOPSLA 2011

The paper "Guidance for Domain Specific Modeling in Small and Medium Enterprises" by Henning Agt (TU Berlin), Ralf-Detlef Kutsche (TU Berlin), Timo Wegeler (Fraunhofer FIRST) has been accepted at the 11th Workshop on Domain-Specific Modeling held in conjunction with the SPLASH/OOPSLA/Onward! Conference, Portland Oregon, USA, October 22-27, 2011

We observe that small and medium enterprises who wish to adopt domain specific modeling techniques do so under different preconditions and with different expectations. In our report, we categorize our observations made in 7 different industrial branches. Further, we present the current state of our solution to provide guidance to both ends of stakeholders involved in a DSM development lifecycle, domain experts and DSL designers. By supporting a DSL development process with semantic knowledge bases and metrics, our goal is to make a DSL development feasible and beneficial through the guidance provided by EXAMINE and within the DIESEL-Framework.

11th DSM Workshop: