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A. Borusan

01.11.2011, 14 Uhr s.t. Raum: EN 719, TU Berlin, Einsteinufer 17, 10587 Berlin: "DaaS for SaaS" (Dean Jacobs SAP)

This talk describes our current work designing a Database as a Service layer based on SAP’s in-memory database to support Software as a Service. This layer will offer a single-tenant-process model, where each process contains a single tenant and there are multiple processes on each machine, as well as a multi-tenant-process model, where each process contains multiple tenants. It will support heterogeneous multi-tenancy, which spans different applications, as well as homogeneous multi-tenancy, which spans multiple instances of the same application. The primary functions of this layer are to distribute tenants across the database cluster so as to meet SLAs and to grow and shrink the size of the cluster to match the demand. This is an on-line problem in that the layout must be updated over time as conditions change by migrating tenants without disrupting their service.