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A. Borusan

23.01.2012, 16 Uhr s.t. Humboldt-Kabinett im Institut fĂĽr Informatik (HU Berlin), Rudower Chaussee 25, 12489 Berlin: "XXL2020 - TOWARDS A FLEXIBLE AND EXTENSIBLE INFRASTRUCTURE FOR GENERATING TAILOR-MADE DATA PROCESSING SYSTEMS" (Prof. Bernhard Seeger, U

In order to meet new user requirements and to exploit new hardware
developments, many tailor-made data processing systems have been developed
over the last 15 years. One fundamental research question is, therefore, how
to design a flexible and extensible data processing architecture supporting
the fast generation of tailor-made data processing systems. The XXL2020
infrastructure developed at the University of Marburg is one approach that
has been shown to be successful, not only in academia, but also in industry.

In this talk, the basic concepts of XXL2020 are introduced and examples of
systems are outlined that have been derived from XXL. One such example is
PIPES, a platform for complex event processing that has been commercialized
and since recently is owned by Software AG. A second example is a raster
data management system currently used in real scientific applications for
supporting analytical queries on massive raster data sets. More recent work
is dedicated to facilitating the usage of XXL, whose primary interfaces are
still too complex for non-experts.
XXLinq is a pure Java approach that allows fast and easy coding of complex
data-intensive applications based on XXL2020. The ongoing (research)
challenges of XXLinq are to optimize the declarative user code to run fast
on modern virtualized hardware and to take away the burden of physical
database design from the end-user.